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I have a dream. – “I want to eliminate/erase running pain/injury/fatigue of my friends from this world.”

Since 2012, I have been learning “Natural Running” from two of my great coaches.
1. Tsuyoshi Yoshino-san (Chairman of Japan Barefoot Run Association)
2. Shoji Takaoka-san (Japan Barefoot Full Marathon Record Holder)

“Natural Running” is the way of running, not depending too much on external/artificial things (such as unnecessary running gears, supplement or so-called superfood), but making the best use of two kinds of natural resources  – “our own body” and “gravity”.

“Natural Running” has changed my life.
Now, I can run more smartly (with less energy, faster, farther, longer) and more sustainably (injury-free, safely, for many years).
Thanks to “Natural Running”, I could run across USA, 5,026 km, in 79 days, from 2015 April 25 to July 12, without injury and fatigue, too.
Without this “Natural Running,” I could give it up, probably at around 1,000 km.

I have been running for more than 30 years.
But, in the past, for the first 25 years, I depended on external/artificial things a lot.
I thought those things could make me stronger and cover/support my function.
Yes, those things can help us to a certain level.
But, we will hit the wall soon, and it is difficult to go beyond the wall.
Also, many of those things are easy to use, but they can weaken our function, too.
That is why, when I was an “artificial runner”, I did not perform well, feeling fatigue and suffering from many injuries.
Modern Marathoner

We all can run, as we want, if we run properly, with using natural resources.
I made my dream (running across USA), thanks to many friends of mine.
Now, it is time for me to do something back to my dear friends.
That’s why  I am sharing this “Natural Running” in my own way with my friends.
“Natural Running” is not difficult at all and something mysterious.
It is quite natural and logical, and we ALL can do it.
Age, gender, experience and background are not important.
Everybody can run smartly and safely.
We do not need to buy something special, expensive and mysterious.
“Technology is inside of us.”

2 . “Running Quantity” and “Running Quality”
We, THAILAND 100 MILES RUN CLUB, are NOT just making/running mileage.
Making/Running mileage is “quantity.”
Yes, our club members love running, making quantity, too.
By making quantity, we feel great, and we can get achievement/experience.
But, making quantity is not enough.
If we make only quantity, we cannot improve our performance, and it can be dangerous, creating injury, too.
Our club members are improving our “quality,” too.
We are learning how to move our body smartly/effectively/sustainably.
We are making both “running quantity” and “running quality.”
We say, “Don’t just run.”
Let’s run smartly/effectively/sustainably!

You want to run across continents?
You want to challenge 100 mile race?
You want to challenge 100 km race?
You want to challenge full/half marathon?
You want to challenge 10 km race?
You want to run in injury-free running world?
You want to run/walk further, longer, faster, more smartly and beautifully?
You want to know how to stand correctly and beautifully?
You want to solve your office-syndrome pain? (e.g. back pain)
You want to start jogging?
You want to start walking?
You think jogging and walking is too much for you?
You want to be active, energetic, beautiful, happy and peaceful?
You want to discover the wonder in yourself?
You want to run with great friends?

If yes, join us!
Everybody is welcome, and we all can do these.

I am not perfect at all.
I am still learning everyday, too.
I am learning from my friends/members, too.
I am learning forever.

I know I will be better tomorrow.
I know I will be better 10 years later.
I know I will be better at the age of 80.

Just give me (K) a simple email for membership. (Tell us why you want to join us.)
That is the start.
That will change your life.


We share/teach “Natural Running” in our “MONTHLY NATURAL RUN SESSION”.
This is a joint project with Srinakharinwirot University’s Faculty of Physical Education.
We are promoting healthy life in our local community.
This is exclusively for our club members.
Here is the basic information;
*Timing : Every first Saturday of each month
*Time : 5:55 a.m. – 8:25 a.m.
*Venue : Srinakharinwirot University’s Faculty of Physical Education’s Gym
*Fee : Free of charge (But, we do appreciate your donation.)
*Limitation : 10 people
*Application : Send E-Mail to me (K).
*Remarks : Next session is on December 1 (SAT), 2018.
Monthly Session - Flyer - 20181201 EN