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Bangkok Vegan Meetup on JUNE 10 (SAT)

Dear Customers and Friends,

On June 10 (SAT), Bangkok Vegan Meetup will have their meeting.
(Our second floor will be used by them. We have your space on our first floor.)

Just to let you know.

Thank you very much.

Bonita Cafe and Social Club


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“Chapter 2 – ARIZONA” in English (K’s Run Across USA 2015)

I/WE have just completed English translation, of ARIZONA part, of my USA Cross Run in 2015.

To read, please click “THIS“.

Now, I am writing monthly column, for this USA cross run, in Route 66 Association of Japan, in Japanese language.
I have published this “Chapter 2 : ARIZONA” in the Association’s website, in Japanese language, on 2017 JAN 1.
Finally, I have finished translating it into English language.
Starting from this time, my best friend, Iain White-san, CEO of I & I, has helped me to polish my English.
Iain-san knows about me so much, and he was one of the USA cross run’s project members, too.
Therefore, now you can enjoy beautiful reading from now.


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Our Monthly Natural Run Session (2017 JAN)

fWe, Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, have just finished our Monthly Natural Run Session, on 2017 January 14 (SAT), at Srinakharinwirot University.

This is a joint project by our Thailand 100 Miles Run Club and Faculty of Physical Education of Srinakharinwirot University.
This is to promote healthy and active life in our Thai community, by our safe and sustainable method of Natural Running.

NEXT SESSION is on February 4 (SAT).
If you are interested in this, join us!
For application, email to us at;

We are not just eating good food.
We exercise, too. And, we have good rest, too. And, we have good mind, too.
I believe just food is not enough to make us happy and healthy.
My happiness and health is coming from good combination of good food, exercise, rest and mind.
Everyday, I meet lots of happy and healthy people from all around the world.
And, those happy and healthy people have the good balance of those four points.
That is why we are running.
And, this idea is welcome by our local national university.
(This is K’s personal opinion, and I do appreciate various kinds of ideas.)

Bonita Cafe and Social Club
a pure vegan cafe, in Bangkok, Thailand
a home of Thailand 100 Miles Run Club
a member of Route 66 Chamber of Commerce, in Missouri, USA

Natural Runners Camp Resort,
a vegan bed and breakfast, for all healthy friends, in Big Sheep, Kanchanaburi, Thailand