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We just did interval training.

Today, July 15 (SUN), we, Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, did our weekly interval running training.
(As you know well, we are arranging our Monthly Natural Run Session, which is a lecture for running. But, lectures are not enough for us to be able to run. That’s why we get together, and we do lots of different kinds of actual running activity, too. JOIN US!!!)

This is my result for five sets of 1000 meters, running barefoot.
(I appreciate POLAR’s generous sponsorship for its GPS/Heart rate watch.)

We all set up our own target time, and we enjoyed our running.
And, I am sure this training has improved our VO2max, too.

This time, again, I truly have enjoyed running with my friends.
As every time, I have learnt so much from all of my friends.
Especially, from our new member, my new friend, Max-san, I have got huge/comfortable inspiration.

Surely, this has become one of the best Sundays in my life.
Life is beautiful.

It’s time for me to take a good rest!



We just finished running “Marines Marathon”.

On July 8 (SUN), I ran full marathon race “MARINES MARATHON”, in a place called Sattahip, Thailand, running through marine military base, with three dear friends of our running club (Thailand 100 Miles Run Club).
スクリーンショット 2018-07-09 12.15.26 PM.png


My time target was less than four ours, running barefoot.
But, I missed it, because some parts of the surface were too rough for me.
However, this time  I have the smallest damage (especially skin irritation on my feet from a barefoot full marathon.
This is because I have improved my running, trying to run more gently, avoiding unnecessary conflict with the ground.
But, I am not perfect at all, so I will/can improve my running more.


Even though I could not achieve my time target, I really enjoyed this race.
Some parts of the race course were so beautiful, running alongside the beautiful sea shore.
And, I could have really good time with my friends.


In October, we will run another full marathon in Bangkok, Thailand, and in the race, I will achieve my time target of less than four hours, running barefoot.

I appreciate very kind sponsorship from two great companies.
1. POLAR, for running watch
2. PROGEAR, for eye wears

K (Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, Bonita Cafe and Social Club)

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[Just finished] Natural Run Session – 2018 July

On July 7 (SAT), as scheduled, we had the Monthly Natural Run Session (2018 July), by our Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, supported by Srinakharinwirot University’s Physical Education Department.

FullSizeRender (55)


This is what we have done.



And, this is our idea.


We will do this again on August 4 (SAT).
(We are doing this, on the first Saturday of each month.)

Thank you.

K (Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, Bonita Cafe and Social Club)


[FULLY BOOKED] Monthly Natural Run Session (2018 July)

FullSizeRender (54)
Dear Friends,

Just to let you know.

We, Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, are FULLY BOOKED with our Monthly Natural Run Session (2018 July).

Thank you.

Our next monthly session will be on August 4 (SAT).
(We are doing this first Saturday of every month.)

Thailand 100 Miles Run Club is managed by us, Bonita Cafe and Social Club, too.
We believe exercise (sport, running) is also necessary for our healthy life.
That’s why we are supporting this activity, too.
And, we are doing this with Srinakharinwirot University’s Physical Education Department, too.

K (Thailand 100 Miles Run Club)