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On December 26 (SAT), we, Bangkok Japan Fun Runners Club, enjoyed our post race party for Thailand Ocean To Ocean Race.
12月26日(土)、僕達バンコク走遊会は、Thailand Ocean To Ocean Race打ち上げをしました。

We talked a lot.
We ate at lot.
We drank a lot.
We laughed a lot.

We also enjoyed all those photos of this race.

Let us share some of the photos with you.

31 第7→第8走者

29 第5→第6走者

8 第2走者給水

14 第6走者給水

27 第4走者給水

32 第8→第1走者

64 木下さんGool

63 完走記念Gool前にて

68 木下,勝山チーム完走!!!

Some people say running is a lonely sport.

But, I do not think so.

For me, friendship is one of the biggest parts in running.

With friends, we can keep on running forward.

We, Bangkok Japan Fun Runners, kept on talking, very deeply, at the end of 2015.

We will keep on running in 2016.



Author: K

Hi! I am K, a Japanese, living in Thailand. I am a vegan runner, and I own a very small vegan cafe, Bonita Cafe and Social Club, in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2015, I ran across USA, 5,030KM, in 79 days, from April 25 to July 12, thanks to all of my friends and sponsorship companies.

3 thoughts on “Bangkok Japan Fun Runners Club

  1. Love this article.
    Love this great team.
    They helped me remind the important thing.
    I’m / we’re not alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kazumi-san, Thank you very much for showing your spirit in this Ocean To Ocean Solo Running. You are our heroine. And, we are all heroines and heroes. Thank you very much for being with us/me in 2015. Without you, 2015 could be totally different. Let’s keep on running in 2016!


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