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Thailand Ocean To Ocean Race – Part 4. Race



(This article is following my last article.)

Let me write about Thailand Ocean To Ocean Running Race again.

This time, I am writing about our race result.


Kazumi was there at the start line, with me, at 9:57pm, on DEC5(SAT), at Pacific Ocean at Choomporn, Thailand, heading for Indian Ocean at Ranong, Thailand.

In the past several months, I witnessed her untiring effort in our training.

Now, she had enough “running quality” (technique, knowledge, information) and enough “running quantity” (running mileage, training quantity) to be at the start line.

And, most importantly, she had the “courage” to start this race.

She was ready to complete this 121.5Km race, her first over-100KM race in her life.



Finally, 20 hours and 6 minutes later, at 6:03pm, on DEC6(SUN), Kazumi completed her 121.5KM run.

The 4th overall position.

The female winner.


A very difficult race, as we had predicted.

Countless sharp hills. (Kazumi did not walk, for all the first 85KM, the countless sharp hill part of this course. This is thanks to her “running quality” and “running quantity,” which she has achieved in her training.)

Brutal heat. (Especially, heat became extreme, after point 85KM.)

Continuous running, without sleeping.

Kazumi, or many runners, could give up any time.

But, she was hanging in there.

She just focused on her each step.

She never gave up.

Kazumi’s “strong will” and “strong determination” have brought her to the finish line.



This has become my most memorable race, out of 103 full/ultra marathons in my life.

I have witnessed Kazumi’s greatness, both as a runner and as a person, through running together with her, all the way of 121.5KM, for 20 hours, and through training together for the past several months.

In addition to “running quality” and “running quantity”, the most important final key factor, which brings us success, is our “strong will” and “strong determination.”

This is true in this kind of tough race.

And, this is true in our life, too.

I have learnt this from Kazumi.


Kazumi has completed a ultra marathon.

She has gone through and has survived the real tough ultra marathon.

She has got the “experience,” which we cannot get from training.

Now, she is not just a ultra marathon finisher.

Kazumi is a ultra marathoner, now.

Kazumi has achieved “courage,” “effort,” “running quality,” “running quantity,” “strong will,” “strong determination” and “experience.”

Now, Kazumi is a proud member of our Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, as a runner, and most importantly, as a person.


At the goal, meeting wonderful members of Bangkok Japan Fun Runners Club and of Bangkok Runners (Kazumi and I are also members of these two running clubs.)


Kazumi and I, of Thailand 100 Miles Run Club, would like to give our biggest thanks to;

1. VIBRAM and PRIZE, for giving us wonderful sponsorships
2. ISUZU, for guiding us safely on the road, all the way
3. EMS (Emergency Medical Service), for protecting us, all the way
4. Race Organizer Team, for arranging this most wonderful race
5. All the friends, for sharing their friendship with us
6. Kazumi’s family, especially her husband, G0-san, for encouraging her/us
7. My wife, Neung, and our mother, for driving our support car all the time, without sleeping, with full of encouragement, smile and love


K, of Bonita Cafe and Social Club, and of Thailand 100 Miles Run Club

(In Japanese)


Thailand Ocean To Ocean Running Raceについて、再度書きます。



































彼女は、単なるUltra Marathon Finisherではない。

彼女は、Ultra Marathonerになった。


KAZUMIは、Thailand 100 Miles Run Clubの誇るメンバーです。


ゴール 我々2人も属するバンコク走遊会とバンコクランナーズに迎えられて


Thailand 100 Miles Run Clubの僕達二人から、皆さんに心より感謝です。

3. 救急隊
4. レース主催チーム
5. 友達みんな
6. KAZUMIさんの家族、特にご主人の剛さん
7. 僕の奥さんのヌンと僕達の母親 一睡もせずに車を運転してサポートしてくれてありがとう!


K, Bonita Cafe and Social Club, Thailand 100 Miles Run Club


Author: K

Hi! I am K, a Japanese, living in Thailand. I am a vegan runner, and I own a very small vegan cafe, Bonita Cafe and Social Club, in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2015, I ran across USA, 5,030KM, in 79 days, from April 25 to July 12, thanks to all of my friends and sponsorship companies.

10 thoughts on “Thailand Ocean To Ocean Race – Part 4. Race

  1. Dear Son and Daughter,

    Marvelous work and my heartiest congratulations to you all, especially to Kazumi-sama!!

    Love from Dad and Mom

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Dad and Mom, in Utah,
      Thank you very much for your very warm words and encouragement, always.
      Kazumi could give up anytime, but she did not, and she survived.
      Finishing this race and giving up this race are totally two different things.
      We are so glad about her/our result.
      Let us keep on going.
      And, let us keep in touch with you.
      LOVE, from Kazumi, Neung and Atsu


  2. Congratulations to you, K – and your friend and co-ultra-marathoner Kazumi. What a beautiful tribute from you to your friend! And what an amazing achievement for both of you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amit-san,
      Again, thank you very much for your comment, with lots of beautiful words of encouragement and love.
      I truly am happy to have met you.
      Kazumi has given so much to me, too.
      Our relationship is not give&take style.
      But, we are enjoying encouraging each other.
      Thank you very much for your “giving,” too.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First of all….Congrats to you and Kazumi!!! WOW!!! What an amazing accomplishment! I’m so proud of you!! Thank you K, for giving us this vivid story of your journey! I could feel your spirit in your story and wish I was there floating with you!! This race was one of the tops of my life so far and I’m so grateful because it was the catalyst to our friendship. Much love and respect to you both!! Jennifer

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jennifer-san,
      Thank you!!!!!!!
      I am glad you have counted this as one of your best races.
      O2O has two different courses, and this course is the different one from the one you and I ran together.
      But, I love both courses.
      Because both of 020’s courses are full of challenging spirit, sense of achievement and friendship.
      Thank you very much for reading my blog always, and I am glad you have liked this article.
      Your encouragement always keeps me going.


  4. Huge thanks K-san. I know why I did it. because you along with me all the distance.
    I got a great experience for my running life.

    If you want to go fast, go alone.
    If you want to go far, go together.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Kazumi-san,

      There is one more point I want to say.

      When we do something with our untiring effort, and when we never give up, “luck” is coming to us, too.

      Do you remember that CAMRY’s girl?
      She brought you “luck.”

      But, that was brought to you, because you did with your untiring effort and you hung in there.

      So, once again, I want to say that your untiring effort and determination have brought this success to you.

      Have more good rest.
      After you are settled down, let’s celebrate your/our achievement with beer.



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