Bonita Cafe and Social Club

Vegan Cafe in Bangkok / Thailand 100 Miles Run Club

TV Program “BLIND TASTE” introduces Bonita Cafe and Social Club !


Thai TV Program “BLIND TASTE” introduces us !

This was on-air, in May 2015, when we were in USA for USA Cross Run.
Even this is in Thai language, you can feel our vegan cafe.
言語はタイ語ですが、僕達のVegan Cafeの雰囲気を感じて頂けます。

In BLIND TASTE, a blind person and a non-blind person (a star) enjoy dining.
Blind persons have very sensitive and sharp sense.
They enjoy food very deeply, with touch, smell, temperature…
And, a non-blind person experiences that sense, closing eyes.

We are honored to be introduced by this popular program in Thailand.

To watch this program, please click this photo or THIS.


Author: K

Hi! I am K, a Japanese, living in Thailand. I am a vegan runner, and I own a very small vegan cafe, Bonita Cafe and Social Club, in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2015, I ran across USA, 5,030KM, in 79 days, from April 25 to July 12, thanks to all of my friends and sponsorship companies.

2 thoughts on “TV Program “BLIND TASTE” introduces Bonita Cafe and Social Club !

  1. Dear Kids,

    Congratulations on this excellent news coverage. This should boost your clientele considerably!

    Regrettably, clicking on the photo does not bring up the 9 minute program, at least for me.



    Liked by 1 person

    • Dad!
      Thank you very much for cheering us up!
      This cafe is full of your love and taste.
      I know someday, you will be here.
      For reviewing the video, we did something more in this post.
      Now, hope you can click “THIS” and enjoy this video.
      Thank you!
      Neung and K


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